In addition to being a cutting edge manufacturer of ‘high integrity’ switchgear ICW Powermode are also a power installation focused business.

Our engineers are au fait with all types of switchgear, generators, UPS systems and ancillary equipment. We diligently plan our way through both products and installations using the very latest computer software, 3D printers, highly sophisticated machinery and are proactive in our all we do.

Our client relationships are based on partnership, and we have worked with many of our partners for more than 40 years, on a global basis. We use our skills and experience to ensure that knowledge is shared, challenges overcome and each project delivered with optimum efficiency.

We can design comprehensive feasibility studies, which, combined with in-depth financial analysis, ensure a project’s technical, economic and commercial viability and ensure the best application for our detailed design and engineering services in every sector in which we operate.

Our sustainable approach to installations ensures that every project we undertake will deliver long-term benefits to our clients and to the communities in which they operate. Environmental protection, safety, and the training and development of our employees are central to all our services and we support our clients in achieving their objectives in these fields.

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