Bill McHenry

Bill McHenry

Bill McHenry started his career working for a major electrical contractor as an apprentice. He studied for and passed his Electrical Technician Certification at Enfield Technical College.

He considers himself fortunate, as his employer was one of the first in the industry to build what we would now consider to be a data center.

With this seminal experience Bill moved on to be involved in several data centre projects, IBM Southbank and Ford Motor Company Warley.

In the late 80s Bill’s critical systems experience led him to become involved in the financial services industry as it became deregulated and expanded globally. He rose to a global role leading Critical Systems and Engineering for Credit Suisse First Boston. This experience gave Bill a platform to expand his knowledge and expertise as he led projects on four continents.

On leaving CSFB after 18 years he worked for UBS, Bank of America and eventually to JP Morgan Chase where he worked for the past 12 years, including 10 years in the USA where he was the Global Head of Critical Systems and Engineering.

While working for JPMC Bill also took on the role of Head of Property Services with responsibility for more than 6500 properties worldwide.

He brings with him a wealth of experience and commitment on all aspects of property construction and operation.