Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units otherwise known as PDU’s are simply a means of final distribution, they are often located in data halls.

A PDU will vary in its construction in terms of volume of components, content, size and quality of build.

Most specifiers provide a single line schematic together with few words on a single sheet. However, A PDU can vary from £10,000 in cost to £100,000, of which there may be as many as 60 on one data centre installation.

ICW Powermode ISS fully understand what is required and what it is that is trying to be achieved.

PDU’s often require isolation transformers as a way of reducing the harmonic content and the consequential high level of currents in the neutral conductor. In this case the correct transformer sizing and K rating is vital in achieving the end result. There may be a requirement for a static switch arrangement to avoid any break in supply. The outgoing circuits may be diverse with both A and B supplies. There may be cabling constraints and a separate plinth may be required to stand between the structural floor and the raised floor.

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