Medium Voltage Generators

Medium Voltage Generators

Power has fundamentally remained the same for the last century, with the similar supply characteristics. However what has changed is the type of load and power consumption.

Over the last two decades, the insurgence of the ‘PC’ has resulted in a radical change in thinking of how power is configured.

Historically, standby sets have suffered technically because of the continual downward commercial pressures and the highs and lows in the economy and now face a tough test of cost versus performance.

Reduced costs have meant that many suppliers have gone out of business. As a direct result of this, those that are still around have opted to manufacture, or shall we say assemble very basic and standardised sets.

Taylor made solutions immediately incur cost and are un-welcome to normal assemblers. Assemblers would normally have a deal with an engine supplier, alternator supplier and so on in order to achieve the best commercial deal for them. Unfortunately this rather influences the technical specification for the product you get.

Undoubtedly loads are greater and are squeezed into less square footage. Ever increasing electrical loads result in ever increasing mechanical cooling loads. The temperature in the building is critical and if the cooling is not fuctioning because of a problem with the standby generation then there’s every likelyhood that the load will be lost.

This is the advantage of using a specialist house such as ICW Powermode who can independently engineer a cost effective system to suit the need without compromising the quality.

ICW Powermode has no restrictive allegiances to any particular engine or alternator manufacturer. ICW Powermode will recommend an alternator, electronic governor, engine, coupling, controls, starting systems, switchgear, fuel systems, noise attenuation and exhaust.

ICW Powermode engineers are forward thinking, experienced an able to design taylor made sets that meet the circumstance offering efficiency and optimum reliability.

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