Energy Management Systems

Energy Management Systems

Modern office, manufacturing, logistics and Telco/IT facilities are rapidly evolving.

Advanced design, environmental standards and emission regulations require ever more innovative systems controls, interconnected through converging networks.

Occupiers and owners now demand integrated systems, remote energy management capability and the flexibility to choose a solution to meet their specific needs. The modern facility has multiple lighting, HVAC, security and power network control requirements that are best served through systems where protocol allows easy intercommunication.

ICW Powermode’s EMS offers the capability, flexibility and intercommunicability to meet todays requirements. ICW Powermode’s EMS also offers unprecedented visualisation and control of the environment and energy use from high resolution LCD widescreens, smartphones or tablets.

Energy gauges, bar charts, line graphs, set points and customised building graphics provide rich interactive user experiences for facilities managers, technicians and occupant alike. The screen can adjust schedule, calendars, overrides as well as provide visual trend information and alarms that enhances troubleshooting, monitoring and management.

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