The Shard

The Shard

The Shard of Glass, London’s iconic landmark and the tallest building in Europe standing at 309.6m high.

In March 2012, ICW Powermode were instructed by the Developer, Sellar Properties, to carry out a feasibility study to determine if a third MV supply could be installed into the Shard and automatically integrated into the existing 2-No 20kV MV systems to give an N+ 1 MV power resilience.

After liaising with UKPN, ICW Powermode derived an 11 kV supply from a main system sub-station at Neckinger and then proposed an integrated design that would coordinate with the existing systems as well as being cost effective and deliverable prior to the completion of the main construction contract.

In September 2012, ICW Powermode were commissioned to deliver the complete turnkey project that would involve the installation of a new 6MW 11 kV supply into the Shard complete with the full construction of 11 kV & 20kV switchrooms, 11 kV switchgear, 20kV switchgear, 11 kV/20kV step-up transformers, intertripping & interlocking, MV cabling, MV protection, MV metering, load shedding, SCADA systems. Additionally, Powermode designed and installed associated mechanical services & cooling systems, gas suppression, inergen extract, fire detection & PAVA, leak detection, security and BMS, all of which were successfully commissioned/set to work and handed over 12-months later in September 2013.

As part of this remit, ICW Powermode were also commissioned to link the 11 kV MV supply to the second phase of this development, The Place, which entailed a complicated system of underground and surface ducts to link the two 11 kV switchrooms inclusive of intertripping and monitoring systems. As part of this complicated delivery,

ICW Powermode were instructed to resolve all legal issues for ‘Rights of Way’ with LUL, Network Rail, TFL and UKPN.

This section of the project was delivered in Dec 2013, prior to the letting of the complete building in Jan 2014. ICW are still retained on site today providing power to different areas of the complex.


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