Jon Baron

Jon Baron

Jon started his career as an apprentice with a company by the name of Lorne Stewart in 1971.

He climbed quickly through the ranks to become Contracts Director in 1986. Jon was responsible for all major British Rail projects within the UK as well as servicing the growth of the Telecom markets with BT and Mercury Communications.

In 1992 Jon joined ICW as Projects Director to oversee the construction and fit-out of Data centres in several major European cities. During this time Jon also worked on the planning and Project Management of the new Barclays tower in Miami, Florida. These centres varied in size up to 20,000m² of technical space with power and cooling demands in excess of 20MW.

Jon successfully completed several multi-million pound fast track projects and was appointed as a main Board Director in 1996. During his career at ICW Jon completed a number of turnkey packages with total integration of Generation, UPS and switchgear systems including Mechanical cooling and Construction. Jon was involved from inception of each contract through to Final Account.

Jon joined Powermode in 2004 to become Projects Director with the group and is responsible for all aspects of Project Management including Planning, Procurement, Programming, Critical Path analysis and overseeing the commercial summaries of individual contracts.

Divisional Director

Phone: +44 (0)20 7531 1111